Your Guide to Boxpark’s 10 Most Unique Shops, Stops and Things to Do

Here’s our pick of the most original experiences that await at Boxpark.

Get your fill of steaming tea at Karak Inc.

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Karak Inc. sprinkles a dash of something quirky and modern into Dubai’s prolific karak chai culture. Aromatic and culture-spanning flavours combine at this Emirati-owned concept, where you can enjoy all kinds of authentic karak – including vegan and iced options – plus Boba twists and matcha mashups. Breakfast is available all day, from egg parathas and Balaleet to PB&J toasties, plus a vast selection of sandwiches, bowls, and delicious foods that show the harmony of Indian and Emirati culinary traditions. The real icing on the cake – or ice cream, in this case – is their karak-flavoured soft serve that makes for a refreshing treat every season.

Book a table at RSVP

Book a table at RSVP

An old-world French eatery with a Japanese touch – talk about a cultural twist Helmed by the illustrious Aadel Ouaoua, who is well versed in what it takes to run a Michelin-starred food spot, RSVP is among Boxpark’s more upmarket offerings. Its menu boasts a varied selection of regional French delicacies with some unexpected oriental treats sprinkled in between – think charcoal smoked lamb chops, guacamole with nori, bluefin tuna and avocado tartar and exquisite escargot.

Discover authentic pan-Asian foods, flavours and finds at QKO Asian Market

From exotic KitKat ice cream flavours to hot Gekikara sauces packing heat, rare Ramen flavours to Korean and Japanese beauty products, QKO Asian Market has it all. Discover all kinds of fresh Japanese, Korean, and Thai produce, spices, pantry staples, ready-to-eat meals, and unique finds (including BTS-themed plush toys!) that celebrate the vibrant world of Asian cuisine and culture.

Scream for Milky Ice Cream

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Titleholder for Expo 2020 Dubai’s best-selling ice cream, Milky Ice, is still dishing out its outstandingly popular soft serve at Boxpark. Rich chocolate, velvety vanilla or the classic swirl, indulge in a mouthwatering tower of ice cream goodness at this viral creamery.

Snack on something sweet at Chocobon

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Boutique chocolatiers Chocobon have mastered the art of chocolate making, mixing quality Belgian chocolate with impeccable Italian craftsmanship. Explore an astounding selection of chocolate varieties, from rich truffle blends to nutty praline and crispy wafer goodness, as well as nougats and other sweet delicacies. Chocobon’s mouthwatering treats are ready for gifting, from pre-packed boxes with a selection of signature chocolates to extravagant structures for baby showers, housewarming parties, and other celebratory occasions.

Slip into new sneakers at Mad Kicks

Step into this temple of sneakers, where the scent of fresh leather and adventure permeates the air. Mad Kicks is a premium sneaker and streetwear store where sneakerheads can find elusive classics, cutting-edge designs, limited edition releases and creative collaborations. Find a sneaker that suits your stride with special drops announced on Mad Kicks’ Instagram.

Curate a brand-new look at Urbanist

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More than just a boutique, the Urbanist is an ever-evolving canvas that curates the most sought-after international and regional brands in one stylish space. Each piece is carefully picked to satisfy local tastes and trends, from the latest in fashion and jewellery to art, design and homeware. The Urbanist frequently hosts art exhibitions and immersive workshops, from perfume and candle making to flower crowns and kid’s calligraphy. Follow the Urbanist on Instagram to keep up with their newest designers and experiences.

Relish in authentic Bosnian recipes at Bosnian House

Transport yourself to the heart of Bosnia without leaving Boxpark. Bosnian House boasts cuisine blending influences from Mediterranean, Eastern European, and Ottoman culinary traditions, inviting visitors to travel through time and space. Indulge in authentic flavours and age-old recipes, especially their iconic Bosnian kebab or Ćevap. Carefully marinated and charcoal grilled, this widely popular dish comes with fresh somun (Bosnian bread), onions, sour cream and a traditional roasted red pepper based Ajvar sauce.

Catch up on classic Arabic literature at Kalemat

Whether you avidly consume Arabic literature or are brushing up your reading and speaking skills, Kalemat is a universe home to thousands of universes spanning fiction and non-fiction. Find works by classic and new-age writers from across the Arabic world alongside translations of works by Shakespeare, Hemingway, Dickens and more. There’s even an English section, should you want to keep your bilingual reading up through winter break, plus a cosy café on the second floor where you can tuck into sweet treats, coffee and a new read overlooking Dubai’s hustle and bustle.

Spruce up your home for the holidays at Dantone Home

Dantone Home is synonymous with quiet luxury. Its showroom in Boxpark boasts a carefully selected showcase of their most timeless and elegant pieces, from contemporary and mid-century styles to art deco. With hosting season in full swing, pick out some new pieces and decorations that scream function and style.

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