Why Dubai

A prosperous land filled with opportunities

Thanks to its visionary leadership, Dubai has transformed into the cosmopolitan, prosperous destination it is known for today.

For decades, the emirate has been leading the region's creative outlook into the future. It has succeeded in addressing the development of both natural and built assets, in its pursuit of providing a unique living experience for residents and modern attractions to its visitors.



Dubai is a bustling metropolis offering a diverse combination of culture, cuisine, arts, and architecture. The city has established itself as a must-visit destination with its many attractions and multi-cultural experiences, including distinctive retail and dining concepts, beaches, amusement parks, festivals, and landmark retail destinations, and is constantly evolving, reinventing, and redefining itself. With world-class amenities and best-in-class residential communities, the city has been named one of the top cities in the world to live and work.

Business in Dubai

Dubai has transformed itself from a trading post along the historic creek into a world-class, convenient and accessible metropolis that is always open for business. One look at a map and it soon becomes apparent why this city is perfect for a meeting of global delegates and why it is known as a “Land of opportunity”. One-third of the world’s population live within a four-hour flight of the world’s busiest airport.